Connect Discord and Telegram

Two-way integration between groups.
Easy setup. Unlimited members, messages, files.
$25/month per connection. 7 days free trial.

Enterprise solution (separate audited backend or on-premise license, unlimited connections, branding): contact us

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How to use

Installation guide (6 steps, approx. 5 minutes)

1. Install the bot to your Discord server

After authorization, slide into DMs with @Dilegram and send any private message to it.

2. Create new connection

Click "New connection" and finalize subscription. You'll see a product key. Copy it to the clipboard, you'll need it soon.

3. Add Dilegram to a channel

If you want to connect a public channel, skip this step.

If you're connecting a private channel, add Dilegram to it: click on a cogwheel next to channel's name -> Permissions -> Add members or roles -> check Dilegram.

4. Connect the channel

Paste the product key you copied in step 2 (DMs with Dilegram).

5. Add @DilegramBot to Telegram group

In Telegram, press "Add members" and add @DilegramBot.

6. Connect the group

Paste the product key there too.

All done

Welcome aboard!


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